Parent Stuff Podcast


Ep.3 Laura Alderman joins us today for a special parent stuff podcast on anxiety.

In this episode of Parent Stuff, Ms. Christy sits down with Laura Alderman. Laura is a licensed family therapist who specializes in children. Laura gives insight into anxiety in kids and where it comes from. You don't want to miss this podcast.


Evan Semanco is our guest today!

Evan Semanco is our guest today. He is talking with Christy about the joys and difficulties of being a parent of young children in the age of Covid and having a kindergartner starting school in a pandemic!


Parenting Stuff Episode 1!!!

Welcome to parenting stuff! A new podcast from Christy A all about parenting during this crazy time. Its all about what we as a church are doing to help you with all your parenting stuff.  Join us for our inaugural episode!

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